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Regular classroom meeting place: B308. Extended class day: B

Day A: 7th time block (1:32-2:15)
Day B: 4th time block (9:47-11:51)
3rd lunch (10:49-11:20)
Day C: No class this day
Day D: 5th time block (11:56 - 12:39)
Day E: 6th time block (12:44 - 1:27)
Day F: 7th time block (1:32 - 2:15)
Day G: 5th time block (11:56 - 12:39)
Day H: 6th time block (12:44 - 1:27)
For assistance, you can find me in the Business and Finance Department Office, in the library media center or send me an E-mail
During the day I move throughout the building and many days I have workshops for teachers -- please e-mail or make an appointment during class. Mondays I usually stay late to organize for the week.

Field Trip:

Woodbury Commons -11/17/2011 NEW DATE >> 3/29/2012; we leave after period 1 and will gather at 1:30-1:45 to return home; estimated time back at RHS is 3:00-3:15 weather/traffic permitting. Cost $17.00. The trip will take place in the Spring.

Marking Period 1 Ends Nov. 8th, 2011 (E Day)

Student Resources:

Consider getting further involved by joining FBLA, DECA or the school store...

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Microsoft Office Online File Converters and Viewers (view Office documents without Office)

OpenOffice (free software suite compatible with Microsoft Office for pc)

NeoOffice (free software suite compatible with Microsoft Office for Mac)
Microsoft Updates for Mac

Sample MS PhotoStory 3 with Al : Franken.wmv.

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